Andere bas!

Na een half jaar op een geleende besbas te hebben gespeeld, heeft de Renkumse muziekvereniging Eendracht nu zelf een andere bas gekocht bij Brassatelier “De Wilde”.
Het is een York YBB-3094-2 Preference geworden.

The 3094 Preference offers the player an instrument familiar in design to the old Besson tubas but with updated features to make this a top performance series. This tuba features a .730-inch bore with a four valve (3 top + 1 side) compensating design with stainless steel valves and a silicone spring damper set for outstanding, quiet action. The 3094 also features a 19.29-inch upright yellow brass bell with a floating mouthpipe that is not soldered to the bell, but connected by a brace only to allow free vibration of the bell and an enhanced tone plus an optimized position for excellent response and player comfort.


  • Key of BBb
  • .730″ bore
  • 19.29″ upright yellow brass bell
  • 4 stainless steel piston compensating valve design (3 Top + 1 Side); Silicone spring damper set; Floating mouthpipe design