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Ultimate Staring Contest

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Jimmy Fallon and Alicia Keys compete in the ultimate staring contest When it comes to ultimate staring contests, you could say that Alicia Keys is quite an apt pupil. All it takes is for Jimmy Fallon to jump into her personal space and ask, “You know what time it is?” and they’re off to the very silly, very intense races.

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Alicia Keys – In Common

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Said I’d be gone by five But it’s sun rise and I’m still in your bed Goodnight usually means goodbye Me re-playing memories in my head Look at you, look at you Look what you made me do How do you, how do you think know my every move Who are you Who are you You look so familiar I…

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Alicia Keys – Blended Family

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“Blended Family (What You Do For Love)” (feat. A$AP Rocky) [Alicia Keys:] Hey I might not really be your mother But that don’t mean that I don’t really love ya And even though I married your father That’s not the only reason I’m here for ya I think you’re beautiful I think you’re perfect I know how hard it gets…

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